Weekend Poll: Makeup Primers

From last weekend’s poll, I learned that most of you are like me and prefer cream lipsticks.

This week I want to know about your primer use. I’m thinking about doing a post that explains what makeup primers are used for. So, how often do you use a makeup primer?

My Answer: Daily. On my skin they really make a difference on how my foundation applies and how long it stays on.

What about you?

Weekend Poll

Starting today, every Friday I will be posting a new poll or survey. I decided to try this because I would love more interaction on my blog and polls are an easy way for readers to participate.  In addition, this is a way for you (and I) to see what other’s opinions are! So every Friday, please stop by to answer my poll questions!

Today’s Weekend Poll asks “What is your favorite makeup look?”

My Answer: Bold lip and neutral eyes all the way!

What do you think?