Nude Lip Combos for Brown Skin & Beyond!


Finding the right nude lipstick can be a very daunting task for any woman. It can be even harder to find the right shade if you are of a deeper complexion because too light of a shade may make you look very scary! Please don’t walk out of the house looking like Tyrone Biggums (see above)!  In this post I will be sharing some of my go-to nude lipsticks that will work for many different skin tones. Keep reading if you are interested!

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MAC Fashion Sets Swatches

This post is a quickie just to show you the new lipsticks from the MAC Fashion Sets Collection. I purchased 3 out of the 4 lipstick shades available. These are already sold out online, but will be in stores on Thursday April 4th. In addition to lipsticks, each shade also has a lip pencil, eye shadow, lip glass, and nail lacquer to match. Based on first impressions, I think I may own a dupe of at least one of the lipsticks. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see comparisons!

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Tip Tuesday #15: 3 Ways to Wear MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2


A few posts back, I posted some swatches of some new MAC purchases. One of those purchases was the new Viva Glam Nicki 2 lipstick. (Click HERE to see that post). This shade is probably one of the hardest to wear shades I own. Because I knew it would be a popular item, I decided to try it even though it is not the type of shade I typically go for. It is a very pale lavender that leans closer to white than purple. For all of the MAC Viva Glam products, 100% of the proceeds go to MAC’s AIDS foundation so I felt like it was worthy of my money. Keep reading to see a few ways to make this shade more wearable.

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Tip Tuesday #13: Balance Your Face

Sometimes when you are starting out experimenting with makeup, it can be quite confusing to know what colors should be paired together. For example, should you wear a pink blush with a red lip?

Keep reading for my tips on balancing your makeup!

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Tip Tuesday #12: Find Your Most Flattering Lipstick Shade

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I just found out about this cool website that helps you figure out your best lipstick color choices. YouBeauty is a website associated with Dr. Oz that has a lot of quizzes that you can take to help you find your “perfect” lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. The whole site is based on the “science of beauty.”

I took the lipstick quiz (click HERE to take it), and my perfect bold shade was watermelon and my perfect nude shade was dusty rose. In addition to the color family, they also give a few recommendations on particular products and provide solutions for problems you identified during the quiz. I think the site is fun and interesting!

Did you take the Lipstick Quiz? What were your ideal colors?

Weekend Poll

From the last weekend poll, I learned that most of my readers spend $21-$40 on their most expensive skincare item. Glad I’m not the only one!

This weekend I want to know what your favorite lipstick finish is. Since this may be a little confusing to some, I’ll expand on the types.

Satin: semi-matte finish

Cream: creamy, neither matte nor glossy

Matte: flat, no shimmer, sparkles, or glossiness

Pearl: frosty

Sheer: sheer color, glossy finish

My Answer: Cream lipsticks are my favorite. They usually tend to provide good color payoff without being to drying on the lips.

What’s your favorite?

Tip Tuesday #2: How to Make Your Lipstick Look More Natural

In today’s Tip Tuesday, I wanted to share a tip with you that helps me make my bold lip colors look more “natural.” If you have ever applied lipstick (especially bright ones), you probably have noticed that sometimes it can look thick. If you apply more than one layer, it can even look goopy on the lips. To prevent this, I normally apply lipstick right out of the tube, build it up to my desired intensity, and then go over my lips with a finger. I basically use one of my fingers to smooth out the lipstick. If I have only applied a thin layer of lipstick, this gives the lips a stained appearance. Take a look at the pictures below to see the difference.

Not Blended
Blended Out With Finger

My camera isn’t the best quality, so you might not be able to see much difference, but it makes a big difference in person.

What are your techniques for making your lipstick look perfect?

My Coral and Orange Lip Faves

Hey Ladies!

Orange and coral lip shades have quickly become my favorite color family. These colors are flattering on all skin tones, but I think even more so on women of color. Check out my video below describing some of my favorite picks. Enjoy!

Products Mentioned (in order of appearance):

MAC Ravishing

NYX Smokey Look

Revlon Coralberry

Revlon Tutti Fruitti Lip Butter

Revlon Siren

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss #12

Sleek Pout Paint in Peachy Keen

Revlon Coral Reef

MAC Riveiera Life

Wet n Wild 24 Carrot Gold

MAC Morange