5 Items That Caught My Eye This Week

I’m back with another 5 Items That Caught My Eye This Week! I know I missed last week, but that was because it was my birthday! Check out what I’ve been checking out!

  1. These earrings are repurposed from Chanel buttons! I love this idea and the earrings are beautiful! Not to mention, the price is pretty reasonable!
  2. These furry slides are very similar to some that I got from Target a few years ago that I happen to love. My Target ones are still going strong, but I’m glad I found a backup just in case.
  3. I’m all about joggers recently and I really like the print on these. They also look to be a looser fit which I think would work well for my body type!
  4. Another week, another animal print. Obviously, I can’t get enough. These sneakers are right up my alley!
  5. Out of everything mentioned, these sneakers are the ones that I am most likely to buy. They are similar to Golden Goose sneakers (more apparent in the white version), but they are black! I think these would work well for work and casual wear for me. I basically just talked myself into them. LOL.


Has anything new caught your eye recently? Share!