Weekly Hit or Miss: The Balm Cindy Lou-Manizer

L-R: Mary Lou-Manizer, Cindy Lou-Manizer, Betty Lou-Manizer

A couple of months ago, The Balm added another illuminating powder to their lineup. If you are familiar with The Balm Cosmetics, I’m sure you know that some of their most popular products are the “Lou-Manizer’s”. Pretty much every beauty blogger I know owns either Mary Lou-Manizer or Betty Lou-Manizer if not both. Little sister, Cindy Lou-Manizer is the newest addition that is marketed as a blush and subtle highlight. So how does it work on deeper skin? Keep reading if you would like to find out!

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MAC Archie’s Girls & Viva Glam Nicki 2


Today’s post is just a really quick post to show you the new items I just received in the mail just in case you are interested in getting some. I ordered 2 lipsticks and 1 blush from the Archie’s Girls collection and I ordered the new Viva Glam Nicki 2 lipstick. The Archie’s Girls collection will be in stores on February 7, 2013. I’m supposed to be on a no-buy (LOL), but I knew that I had to order a little something because I used to LOVE Archie comic books back in the day. Keep reading for pictures and swatches!

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