5 Items That Caught My Eye This Week

  1. This pink desk is perfect for the girly-girl. I know I’m a little old to be called a girl, but I love this pink desk. Although it’s pink, it is a classic, grown-up style that I think could be a standout piece in an office! It also comes in white if you aren’t into pink.
  2. YSL Libre Intense is a brand new fragrance that is a flanker to the original YSL Libre. I personally have not fell in love with Libre, but it is very popular and that makes me think that it must be good. I really want to smell this new version to see if it is more my speed!
  3. Since I found a pair of joggers that I love, I’ve been on the hunt for more. I came across this leopard pair that I love and this same pair comes in a tie-dye that is right on trend! I’m waiting on a sale to pick these up!
  4. I’m not really a luxury sneaker type person, but these Burberry sneakers have made their way onto my wishlist. Burberry Check combined with leather sneaker is a perfect juxtaposition of class mixed with street style! They also would fit well into my current wardrobe. Not to mention, they are expensive, but not as expensive as Gucci or Louis Vuitton sneakers!
  5. Lastly, who doesn’t need a pair of animal print sneakers?!?! Need I say more?


What caught your eye this week?

5 Items That Caught My Eye This Week

  1. I know, I know! I already featured this blazer in another color in a previous “5 Items” post, but I just saw this herringbone pattern and I love it! Not to mention, it is currently on sale along with the orange one that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago! I cannot say enough about how flattering these blazers are!
  2. If you are subscribed to my Youtube channel, I’m sure that you have heard me rave about my Saint Laurent Loulou puffer. I came across this gorgeous one in gray and for less than the normal retail price! I hope that when I am in a position to purchase another luxury bag, that this one is still available! I will definitely get it!
  3. I’ve been looking for a green bag for a long time, and I came across this one. I really like the color and think it will be a very functional bag. Also, it’s on sale right now!
  4. These mules are so chic and look more expensive than they are. I really like the snakeskin, but they also have a spotted print that is really beautiful too! Not to mention, they retail for less than $25!
  5. I’ve never had any gold flatware, but these really speak to me. I like the fact that they are a bit of an antiqued gold, but not too much. I really think these would be a nice choice for everyday flatware that makes a bit of a statement!


Honestly, quite a few things caught my eye this week! What caught yours?

5 Items That Caught My Eye This Week

I got some good feedback on last week’s “Items That Caught My Eye” post, so I decided to go forth with making this a series. Starting today and going forward I will be posting these on Sundays. Check it out below!

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5 Items That Caught My Eye This Week

Things have been crazy and stressful for me lately and I’m sure that has been the case for many of you as well! One of my favorite things to do when I’m stressed, is shop! Unfortunately, I can’t shop like I want to right now but I have been enjoying window shopping! I’m always looking at sales and finding items that I like, adding them to cart, and then exiting. LOL. I figured that I would start to share some of these items with you. I would like to make this a weekly series so let me know if that is something that you would enjoy!

  1. This blazer is EVERYTHING. I already own it in black and it fits me like a glove. It looks much more expensive in person than it actually is. I also love the bright orange and really feel like it would make my skin tone pop! Currently you can save $50 on this blazer by clicking the link and using the code at the top of the page!
  2. Can we talk about these wine glasses? (I also found this set for a little less.) I think I will cave and get these. They are stunning! I’ve really been getting into my wine lately and I like that these are appropriate for red and white. Not to mention, they are so unique and classy. Pinkies up!
  3. So not only am I into my wine, but I’m also into my coffee! This mug has been all over social media and I didn’t want to give into the hype, but here I am with it on my wishlist. Something about the design makes these mugs fun and sophisticated at the same time.
  4. I’m still not over animal print (and I don’t think I ever will be) so when I saw this top, I immediately fell for it. It is actually very reasonably priced right now, so who knows, I may actually pull the trigger on it.
  5. I’m in the market for a prettier wireless phone charger and I came across this beauty. I think this color way is my favorite, but it comes in lots of different stone inspired designs!


Those are the 5 items that caught my eye this week! Let me know if you enjoyed this post so that I know if I should make this a series!

Anything new on your wishlist?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Round Up

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the public! If you didn’t already see my previous posts recommending items from the sale, I am linking them all here for easy access! And don’t worry, Nordstrom often restocks its sale items, so if something you want is sold out, add it to your wishlist and they will notify you when they restock. Happy Shopping!



Bags, Shoes, & Home


Were you able to snag the items that you wanted from the Nordstrom Sale? What were your overall thoughts on the sale this year?

Fragrance Friday #22 | Tom Ford F’ing Fabulous EDP

Oh Tom Ford! This fragrance house is one of my faves, but I can’t deny they are always giving us something to talk about! When this fragrance came out, it was flying off the shelves based on the name alone! But does it live up to the Fabulous name?

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks | Clothing

Today I’m back with the final installment of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks! I took a few days off from posting these, because honestly I’m a little over all of the posts/pics/videos regarding the sale! Nevertheless, I know how important it is to get recommendations from someone you trust, so I felt compelled to finish out my recommendations for you all. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you trust that I only recommend things that I would purchase with my own money! Anyway, on to the recommendations!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks | Bags, Shoes, & Home

Today, I’m back with more goodies from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I’m sharing my top picks for handbags, shoes, and home items. I know that may sound like a strange mix, but this year I honestly didn’t have a lot from either one of these categories, so I decided to just put them all together!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks | Accessories

Today I’m sharing the accessories (jewelry & sunglasses) that I think are the best items to pick up in the sale. For this category, you will see that I have less than yesterday (Beauty picks), but that is because I only wanted to share things that I would actually buy with my own money for the price that they are! Check them out below!


So as you can see, I basically picked all sunglasses! LOL. I honestly think they have some really good deals on sunglasses this year during the sale. If you know me, you know that I love switching up my sunglasses on a daily basis.

For this pair of Ray-Bans, I really love the blue and gold color. I think that these are unique, without being too out there. I also like that you could probably wear these from outside to inside (if you are into that).

This clear pair of Dior sunglasses are my absolute fave! I really want to pick these up, even though I don’t need any more sunglasses! Ugh! I think these oversized frames look so chic and will go with anything. Somebody convince me not to get them! LOL

Every woman needs a pair of black sunglasses and I really like this pair by Alexander McQueen. I also like the price. It’s a good way to get a high quality pair of shades under $100!

The last pair of sunglasses are nice classic aviators by Gucci. My husband has a pair of Gucci sunglasses that he has owned over 10 years and they still look brand new! I love that these look to be the perfect size and I also love the gold detail. I personally think that everyone looks good in aviators!

I love this Michele watch! I think that it looks like a fancier version of an Apple watch and I am absolutely here for it. It is remarkably less expensive than most of the watches by Michele so I think its a nice way to try out the brand!

Lastly, these pave hoops are essential! I have picked these up in a previous sale, but unfortunately I lost one of my earrings, so I may repurchase. I think that they are the perfect size for everyday. They are appropriate for work or out on the town. Very versatile!

That’s it for today! Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my top picks for shoes, bags, and home!

Shop the Sale here! (Using my links gets me a small commission, which I can then use to continue to make content!)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks | Beauty

What is probably the most anticipated sale of the year, is upon us, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! This sale is all over social media (every summer) and so I figured I would share the items that I would recommend from the sale. I personally, will not be picking up much this year (fingers crossed), but there are some good deals to be had! Since the sale is so large, I’ll be breaking these posts up based on category. Today, I’ll be sharing my beauty/fragrance picks.

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