Fragrance Friday #27 | Dior Tobacolor EDP

It’s Fragrance Friday! It has been too long! Today, I’m back with another fragrance from the Maison Dior line, Tobacolor. I’ve had this one for a few months and I have some thoughts! Check it out!

Of course, I love the bottles for the Maison Dior Line. I also love the juice color on Tobacolor!

Notes: honey, tobacco, tobacco leaf, smoke, white tobacco, plum, peach, amber, citruses

Dior didn’t release the notes pyramid for this fragrance and I was unable to find anything with the notes broken down into top, mid, & base notes. Anyway, I get a lot of tobacco, honey, and amber when I smell this fragrance. It is a sweet tobacco fragrance and not really a smoky one. The scent is VERY rich and sumptious. It smells like luxury. I’m guessing that the multiple tobacco sources in this fragrance is what gives it the depth that it has. It almost smells a little boozy as well although no boozy notes are listed.

I know tobacco fragrances can be a little tricky for women, but I think that because Tobacolor is so sweet (almost syrupy) that women who like unisex fragrances will find this easy to wear. I also think it would work well for men.

This fragrance just came out a couple of months ago, but I wish it was released around October because it is perfect for cold weather. I’ve still been wearing it on days when it is cooler or if I’m just hanging around my house. I’ve also worn it on hot days when I know I’ll be indoors all day (like at work). I just love the smell that much that I’m willing to wear it even when it is not the ideal temperature.

I think this scent is blended really well which gives it an air of elegance. I think it is perfect for date nights (think sexy upscale bar!), but I also think it can be pulled off for work, depending on your work environment. I wouldn’t suggest wearing this if you work in a field that fragrance is frowned upon, because people will smell you!

Speaking of that, this fragrance has really nice projection (probably about 6 feet) and it lasts all day. I’ve found that some of the fragrances in the Maison Dior line lack longevity, but Tobacolor is definitely not one of them. I typically can smell this on my skin after wearing it for 10+ hours.

Overall, I love Tobacolor. I wish it came out in the Fall so that I would have more opportunities to wear it, but it is absolutely a love for me!

Dior Tobacolor retails for $250 for 4.25oz and can be purchased HERE.

What’s your favorite tobacco scent!

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