5 Items That Caught My Eye This Week 2/21/21

A new week, 5 more things that caught my eye! Check them out!

  1. I’ve always loved New Balance sneakers in this style! The color way on this particular pair gives me cool girl vibes and I’m here for it.
  2. Ideally, I should have included this ring before Valentine’s Day, but I only came across it this week. Although this is a heart ring, I don’t feel like it looks juvenile. It’s real gold and diamonds and well priced!
  3. I love agate and this tray is no exception! This tray would work well for coffee table decor!
  4. Y’all know I love a good pair of pajamas and I love this cute pair. I also like that the pieces are sold separately so you can get the right size!
  5. It’s almost sandal season and I think these would be really cute for poolside or just running errands!


Has anything new caught your eye this week?

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