Fragrance Friday #26 | Dior Feve Délicieuse EDP

Today I’m back with another Fragrance Friday! The fragrance that I’m sharing today is one that I’ve loved for awhile now (spoiler alert), but didn’t realize that I never gave it a full review. If you want to know the deets on Dior Feve Délicieuse, keep reading.

Dior Feve Délicieuse is part of the private fragrance line from Dior, Maison Dior (previously known as Dior Prive). All of the bottles in this line feature this same sleek bottle, magnetic cap, and minimal black & white label. I really love the bottle! It looks and feels luxurious, which is what I expect from luxury fragrance houses.

Feve Délicieuse has a lot of notes, especially base notes. When I smell this fragrance, I get a super cozy, comforting fragrance that really highlights the tonka bean. Although almond is not listed as a note, to me this smells like a cherry, almond, and tonka fragrance that has a creamy and slightly powdery touch. This fragrance is one of the smoothest fragrances that I’ve ever smelled. It is so well blended and it absolutely smells like a work of art! I also think this fragrance smells perfectly unisex.

Because of the depth of this fragrance, I do think it is better suited for cold weather. However, I tend to also wear this one around my house because for me it is a feel good fragrance. It is one of those fragrances that when I put it on, I feel like I just gave myself a warm hug.

Feve Délicieuse is also a good performing fragrance. It lasts on my skin about 8 hours and all day on my clothes. It does not have a huge projection, but people standing close to you will smell it. It also is one of those fragrances that I can smell on myself all day (like being in my own little fragrant bubble).

Overall, Dior Feve Délicieuse is an absolute love for me. Nothing compares to the feelings of coziness and warmth that I get when I wear this. This is one of my top fragrances in my entire collection.

Dior Feve Délicieuse retails for $250 for 4.25 oz (also available for $100 for 1.35 oz or $350 for 8.5 oz) and can be purchased HERE.

What’s your favorite feel-good fragrance? Have you tried any fragrances from the Maison Dior line?

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