New Affordable Pajama Picks!

Ya’ll know that I love good pair of pajamas that don’t break the bank! My current favorite place to pick up affordable pajamas from is Target. They recently released quite a few new styles and/or patterns so I rounded up my faves right now! They also have an extra 5% off all of these styles right now!

  1. Satin pajamas are so stylish, but sometimes they can get a little hot. This pair is elegant, but won’t have you burning up! Of course, black trimmed with white is always a good idea!
  2. Also love this burgundy color!
  3. This tie-dye set is really well priced and looks very comfy. This set could actually double as loungewear!
  4. I’m glad Target bought this leafy pattern back! The material on this set is so soft and comfy.
  5. Same material as the previous one, but a more tailored look!
  6. Again, a super soft and comfy material! This one combines a fun pink tie dye pattern with the sophistication of a button down set!
  7. Another satin short set, but in this beautiful floral pattern!
  8. I have this nightgown in a different color, but this pink and white stripe is so pretty! The material on this is super soft and stretchy.


Which one is your fave?

2 thoughts on “New Affordable Pajama Picks!

  1. I love a good pj set, but I don’t prefer shorts. I prefer a gown or pant set. One of my favorite places to get pj’s is costco. I just got a lucky sleep set from there. It has 4 pieces, shorts, pants, tank, and tee. TFS I enjoy your blog.

    1. I actually prefer pants myself, but lately I’ve been loving these particular shorts from Target because they are so comfortable!

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