Fragrance Friday #22 | Tom Ford F’ing Fabulous EDP

Oh Tom Ford! This fragrance house is one of my faves, but I can’t deny they are always giving us something to talk about! When this fragrance came out, it was flying off the shelves based on the name alone! But does it live up to the Fabulous name?

Before we get into the scent, let’s talk about the bottle. I happen to love the bottle for Fabulous. Just like all the other fragrances in Tom Ford’s private line, it is shaped like a chess piece. However, this is the only one in the lineup that is a matte black and I really like how sleek it looks.


Top: clary sage, lavender

Heart: bitter almond, vanilla, leather, orris

Base: tonka bean, leather, cashmeran, amber, white woods

This fragrance is probably one of the most “difficult” fragrances that I’ve reviewed here on my blog. When I initially spray this I smell leather and lavender. It is very striking and can be off putting if you are not into the smell of leather. As Fabulous dries down, I can smell the almond and vanilla start to come through and on me this fragrance tends to become powdery. The entire time that I’m wearing this, the leather is present. This fragrance is unisex, but I honestly think it leans a slight bit more to the masculine side. I definitely think this is one that you have to try on your skin, not smell out of the bottle. When I initially smelled this in a store, I did not like it. After trying it on my skin on a later date, I ended up finding it pretty addictive.

As for longevity and projection, Tom Ford Fabulous performs very well! On my skin, this fragrance lasts around 10 hours and maintains a nice projection for around 5 hours. In my opinion, it doesn’t really turn into a skin scent after that, but just has a softer projection.

Due to the high projection and the rich leather smell, I think this fragrance is best suited for fall and winter.

So I’m sure you are wondering if I would recommend this fragrance. I honestly have to say that I would not recommend blind buying it. I happen to really enjoy this fragrance, but at times, I don’t even want to wear it. Sometimes, I find that I can smell the scent of burning rubber when I wear it, but that doesn’t happen all the time. I do find that it is really unique and is perfect for times when I’m feeling like a rockstar and want an edgy fragrance to go with that mood. I also find that I will go for awhile without wearing it, but then once I do, I continue to pick it up over and over. Something about it is very addictive.

Overall, I really like Tom Ford Fabulous! It is definitely not my favorite Tom Ford fragrance, but it is one that I can appreciate due to it’s uniqueness. Although I labeled this as a difficult fragrance, I get compliments on this fragrance every single time I wear it.

Tom Ford F’ing Fabulous retails for $335 for a 1.7oz bottle and can be purchased HERE or a new smaller bottle HERE.

Have you ever put your nose on Tom Ford Fabulous? Did you love it or hate it?

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