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Today I’m back with the final installment of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks! I took a few days off from posting these, because honestly I’m a little over all of the posts/pics/videos regarding the sale! Nevertheless, I know how important it is to get recommendations from someone you trust, so I felt compelled to finish out my recommendations for you all. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you trust that I only recommend things that I would purchase with my own money! Anyway, on to the recommendations!


So even though I live in hot, humid Florida, I love a good jacket and/or blazer! These two bomber jackets look so cute and would be perfect for casual wear. The cheetah print one can probably be dressed up depending on what you pair it with. I also love the way this camo print is done. It is a “classy camo”.

I already own this faux leather jacket, and I absolutely love it. I purchased mine full price, but you have the chance to get it for a really good price. It’s great for days and even nights out. I find that it is great for dressing up a pair of jeans, but also looks great with career wear.

I love the color of this blue blazer! I also like that the neckline is pretty unique. It also comes in a few other colors including some neutral shades.

This cardigan from Barefoot Dreams is sure to be a top seller! Barefoot Dreams cardigans are so cozy and comfortable. I really like to wear them in the house on a chilly day, it’s like wearing a cuddle! LOL. I really love this print and they actually have it in a few other colors.

I’ve never tried any bras from True ????, but I have heard that they are super comfortable, while still being supportive. I may pick up these 2 bralettes because (first, second) I am always searching for a supportive bralette.

Every year, Nordstrom includes the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings in their Anniversary Sale. I have a pair and love them, but I wanted to recommend a less expensive pair that seems to be pretty similar in case you are interested. I also recommend the Spanx version!

This post wraps up my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Recommendations!

Shop the Sale here! (Using my links gets me a small commission, which I can then use to continue to make content!)

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