Fragrance Friday #18 | Prada Les Infusion Amande EDP

Prada has a whole line of fragrances called the Les Infusion Collection. The first fragrance of this collection was Infusion D’Iris. All of the fragrances in the line are based off of Infusion D’Iris, but with a twist. This week, I’ll be reviewing Prada Les Infusion Amande EDP which is meant to showcase the almond note.

Before we get into the actual perfume, can we talk about this bottle? It is absolutely stunning! I love the color, shape, and modern look to it! Ok, on to the juice!


Top: bitter almond, heliotrope

Mid: mandarin, tonka bean absolute

Base: star anise, musk

Amande is a beautiful powdered almond fragrance. If you don’t like powdery scents, you won’t like this one. I, however, really enjoy powdery fragrances. They make me feel very cozy and comforted! In addition to powder, I get the nutty smell of the almond. This is not a very sweet almond, but the fragrance does have some sweetness and depth to it from the tonka bean. It is absolutely gorgeous.

If I were to compare it to other fragrances that I’ve smelled, I would say that it smells most similar to Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s Eclats d’Amandes (reviewed here). However I do think that Eclat’s d’Amandes smells a bit more spicy and less powdery. The other fragrance that Amande reminds me of is Dior’s Feve Delicieuse. However Feve is definitely sweeter, less powdery, and more rich smelling. (Check out some of the other almond fragrances that I love here)

Amande is a soft fragrance. It is not something that will get you noticed although is does stick around for awhile. On me, I get about 6 hours of wear. I do catch little whiffs of it throughout the day, but I don’t think others can smell me unless they are really in my personal space. I have been enjoying wearing it to bed and around my house for the most part. I also think it would make a great cuddling type scent.

Overall, I really love the scent of Infusion Amande. It literally makes me smile and feel so cozy every time I smell it. I’m really happy with it!

Prada Les Infusion Amande retails for $160 for 3.4 oz and can be purchased here or here.

Have you tried any fragrances from the Prada Les Infusions collection? What is your favorite almond perfume?

2 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday #18 | Prada Les Infusion Amande EDP

  1. I’m a huge almond lover as well and I found your YouTube video on your favorite almond scents. I will continue to follow your almond journey. The Prada didn’t work for me, unfortunately. The almond note just wasn’t there. I really need to get the CSP one though. May be the almond I’m searching for. Thanks for all the reviews!

    1. Yes, the almond in the CSP is more present or more “pure”. The Prada one is powdery so I could see that taking over the almond for some people. Thanks! 😊

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