Fragrance Friday #17 | Tom Ford Metallique EDP

I am a Tom Ford Fragrance Fan! I know that the brand doesn’t sit well with everyone, but it is one of my favorite fragrance houses. Metallique was released last year and after testing it out in a store, I decided to purchase it. I’ve had it now for almost a year so I think it’s time for a review!

First, can we talk about this beautiful bottle? It is absolutely stunning. I really love the mixing of metals and find that it really stands out in my collection. The only downsides are that you can’t see how much fragrance you have left and it is really hard to photograph.

Ok, now we can talk about what’s in the bottle!


Top: aldehydes, bergamot, pink pepper

Mid: hawthorn, lily of the valley, heliotrope

Base: ambrette, peru balsam, vanilla, sandalwood

For me, what really dominates this fragrance is the vanilla, sandalwood, and aldehydes. Most people are familiar with the way vanilla and sandalwood smell, but you may not know how aldehydes smell. There are different types of aldehydes and they can smell different depending on the type. Some smell soapy and clean, while others smell metallic. The aldehydes in Metallique, definitely smell metallic. The metallic smell is what makes this fragrance so different than any other vanilla-sandalwood fragrance in my collection.

This fragrance is warm and cool at the same time, making it perfect for all seasons. Although the vanilla and sandalwood are pretty dominant, they are not overly sweet and the fragrance is balanced by the aldehydes. The scent is so unique, pretty, and sophisticated.

As for projection, Metallique is not a loud, overwhelming fragrance. People within about an arm’s reach can smell it on you, but it won’t announce your presence in a room. When it comes to longevity, Metallique lasts on me around 8 hours, but becomes a skin scent after about 4-5 hours. Take this info lightly because I have gotten compliments on this fragrance even after wearing it for 4-5 hours, so maybe I just tend to go nose blind on it.

I think Metallique works in a variety of settings and/or occasions. If you are the type of person who wants a signature scent, I think Metallique would be a great choice due to its versatility. I also think this would work well on males or females.

Overall, I’m really happy with Tom Ford Metallique. I know it hasn’t gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers, but it works really well for me. It seems that people either love it or hate it so I probably wouldn’t recommend blind buying it. (Here is a great way to sample it and spend less money on it if you like it!)

Tom Ford Metallique retails for $150 for 1.7 oz and can be purchased here.

Does Metallique sound like something you would like to try?

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