What’s In My Cart—Target Edition

With everything that’s going on right now, I’m trying not to shop. However, with me being home so much more, the online shopping temptation is so real! One thing that I like to do is to add things to my cart and then close the window. I know that this may seem pointless, but it helps me because I actually enjoy the act of shopping for the best item/best price. This way, I get my fix without spending my money!

Check out what is currently in my cart at one of my favorite places, Target!


I love a good mug, and these two mugs are perfect! One for lazy days, the other for super productive days!

I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of comfy and cute joggers, and these look perfect!

I’m into tie dye right now, and I love the look of these leggings! They also have a matching sports bra. I have been spending a good amount of days in workout gear, so it’s nice to have some cute options.

This dress looks so comfortable and great for a casual chic look. I love camo, and feel like this would be a go to running errands dress for me.

More tie dye! I love this pair of bike shorts, although they are totally out of my comfort zone. I definitely would not wear these out of the house, but I am on the lookout for some cute, comfy shorts to wear at home.

I have been eyeing this robe for at least a month! I have some pajamas from this same brand and I love how the material is so lightweight. I also really like the length of this robe, not to mention the gorgeous print.

I had to stop myself from picking these pajamas up in store last week! I probably will end up getting one pair, but I need to decide which one. The green striped ones look so classy, but the polka dot ones look so fun! I love both!


How are you dealing with the online shopping temptation? Do you own any of the items that I’m ogling?

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