Fragrance Friday #13 | Layered Fragrances Geneva Chocolate EDP

Any other chocolate lovers out there? If so, today’s fragrance is for you! Geneva Chocolate by Layered Fragrances is the feature of today’s Fragrance Friday. Let’s get into it!

If you’ve never heard of Layered Fragrances, they are a new-ish fragrance company that makes their own fragrances, inspired-by fragrances, and single note fragrances. Right now they are only sold online, but their prices are very reasonable and they are almost ALWAYS running a sale!

Geneva Chocolate is one of their single note fragrances and obviously, that note is chocolate. I love the idea of a single note fragrance because simple fragrances are great for combining with other fragrances. To my nose, this smells like the most sweet, delicious, milk chocolate. I tend to wear this one to bed a lot and I also like to mix it with other perfumes. My two favorite perfumes to combine it with right now are Jo Malone Red Roses and Demeter Pistachio Ice Cream. It also works really well with vanilla scents.

Sometimes when I have tried affordable gourmand fragrances, I’ve noticed that they can tend to smell very artificial and cheap. Geneva Chocolate is not like that at all!

On me, this fragrance lasts 6-8 hours and it has pretty good projection.

Overall, I really like Geneva Chocolate and find it to be a really fun perfume! If you want to smell like dessert, you have to check this one out!

Layered Fragrance’s Geneva Chocolate retails for $55 for a 1.8oz bottle and can be purchased here.

Do you wear fragrances that smell like food? If so, what’s your favorite one?

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