Fragrance Friday #10 | by Kilian Rolling In Love EDP

Can we get a moment of silence for this beautiful bottle?!?! Rolling in Love is the one of the newer releases from the luxury fragrance house, By Kilian. I have been wanting to try it for months! Unfortunately none of the stores near me carry this brand, so this was a blind buy. Was it worth the risk?

If you have ever smelled any Kilian fragrances, you probably know that they tend to be very complex. A lot of their fragrances are deep and boozy, but this one is different. According to the brand, Rolling In Love is it’s first “monochromatic” scent that is meant to convey the “sensation of feeling so high on love that it seems to almost get under the skin.”

The key notes for Rolling In Love are almond milk, iris, and musk. Based on those notes, I just knew that I would love this fragrance! On me, I mainly smell white florals. I can detect a little almond milk in it, but overall this smells like a soft floral fragrance. If you have been reading these Fragrance Friday blog posts, you may have figured out by now, that I’m not a huge fan of florals. I don’t hate them, but they have to be really interesting. Sadly, Rolling In Love wasn’t interesting enough for me. Upon reading other’s reviews on this fragrance, I realize that some people get more of that almond milk and musk, but that’s not how it translated on my skin.

As for longevity, I found this fragrance to last all day (8 hours or so). On me, the scent stayed basically the same after the initial dry down, which took about 30 minutes. Rolling In Love is meant for close encounters, so it does not fill a room. I was able to detect it all day, but I didn’t receive any compliments on it the couple of times that I wore it.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with Rolling In Love. I don’t think it is a bad fragrance and I definitely can smell the quality in it, but it didn’t wow me. I ended up returning it because I can’t afford to keep something so expensive that I don’t absolutely love!

By Kilian Rolling In Love retails for $240 and can be purchased here.

Have you tried Rolling In Love? Did it work out better for you?

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