My Nude Lip Essentials

L-R: Gucci Penny Beige, Dose of Colors Toast, Kat Von D Bow N’ Arrow, Pat McGrath Flesh Fantasy, MAC Cork Pencil

Since I started wearing makeup, I have always been a nude lip kinda girl. I feel like a nude lip can go perfectly with any look and be dressed up or down. Because of that, I’m always trying different nude lip options. I’m pretty happy with the ones that I currently own, so I wanted to share my top nude lip essentials with you!

L-R: Gucci Penny Beige, Dose of Colors Toast, Kat Von D Bow N’ Arrow

Gucci Satin Lipstick in Penny Beige This is currently my favorite nude lipstick! It is more of a neutral/cool tone nude, but it works perfectly for my skin tone. Not only is the color great for me, but the formula is top notch! When it comes to nude lip colors, you have to be careful because a lot of them accentuate dryness and any imperfections on the lips. I don’t want to walk around looking crusty and this lipstick never does me wrong. It is comfortable, slightly hydrating, and makes my lips look smooth. It is expensive, but I can honestly say, for me, it is worth it!

Dose of Colors Satin Lipstick in Toast This lipstick is very similar to Gucci Penny Beige, but it is more matte. Although it is matte, it is still very comfortable. It isn’t hydrating, but it also isn’t drying. I don’t find that this makes my lips look bad even if I haven’t exfoliated them. It also plays well with lip glosses.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow N’ Arrow Again, another cool/neutral tone lipstick! This one is a long lasting liquid lipstick that lasts all day and still feels comfortable. I’m not a big Kat Von D fan (of the person), but her liquid lipsticks are one of my favorite formulas. They are lightweight and non drying, but also transfer proof (for the most part).

L-R: MAC Cork, Pat McGrath Flesh Fantasy

MAC Lip Pencil in Cork This lip pencil is an oldie, but a goodie! I added it to my collection probably about 2 years ago and since then, it is my go to nude lip pencil. I like to pair Cork with any lippie that may be too light or that just requires a little help. I don’t typically use it with any of the lippies that I’m mentioning in this post because I don’t feel like they need it. The shade is slightly darker than my skin tone, but still close enough to blend well.

Pat McGrath Lip Lust Gloss in Flesh Fantasy Can we just say best gloss ever? The Lip Lust glosses are expensive, but totally worth it! They are pigmented, not sticky, comfortable, and work well with lipstick or without. If I got rid of all my glosses except my Pat McGrath Lip Lusts, I would be totally okay with that! Flesh Fantasy is a perfect shade for me that I wear anytime that I’m not sure what to wear.


What are your nude lip essentials? Have you tried any of my faves?

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