Fragrance Friday #6 | Montale Sweet Oriental Dream EDP

montage sweet oriental dream

Sweet Oriental Dream, where have you been all of my life???

Montale is a niche fragrance house that has over 120 fragrances under it’s belt. Sweet Oriental Dream was launched in 2005, but I only recently learned of it via one of my favorite fragrance YouTube channels (Eva Monroe).

montage sweet oriental dream

According to Montale, the notes of Sweet Oriental Dream are almond, honey, vanilla, and rose. When I smell this, I get sexy baby powder! It is like the adult version of an edible baby powder. The almond and honey really help sweeten this fragrance up, while the vanilla provides a good base for the fragrance. Although the notes of the fragrance are simple, it smells special and expensive. Whenever I wear this, it makes me just want to keep sniffing myself! 🙂

Montale fragrances are known to have excellent projection and longevity. On me, this fragrance does project very well, but it isn’t room filling (which is great for me). Also, this lasts on me for about 8 hours, but turns into a skin scent around the 6 hour mark. Other than the projection decreasing over time, the fragrance stays the same from first spray until it’s no longer detectable.

Montale Sweet Oriental Dream retails for $140, but I purchased it for just over half price here.

Have you tried any Montale fragrances? Does Sweet Oriental Dream sound appealing to you? Let me know in the comments!

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