Fragrance Friday #5 | Comptoir Sud Pacifique Eclats D’Amandes EDP

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Eclates D’Amandes EDP

Comptoir Sud Pacifique is a niche fragrance house that has over 30 fragrances under its umbrella. Recently I decided to pick up a few and Eclats D’Amandes was one of them.

Eclats D’Amandes (French) translates to “almond pieces” in English. Like many other fragrances done by Comptoir Sud Pacifique, this fragrance is a gourmand that translates quite literally to the name. I have been on the hunt for the perfect almond fragrance (thanks to my recent love for Tom Ford Lost Cherry) and this sounded like it could fit the bill. The top notes are almond and cinnamon with heart notes of tonka bean and cedar. The base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, and musk.

To my nose, this smells of delicious sweet almond with a touch a vanilla. I can definitely detect the musk as well that gives the fragrance a little depth. On my skin, this fragrance lasts about 5 hours. This is definitely one that stays pretty close to the skin which will make it a perfect day to day fragrance.

I think Eclats D’Amandes is quite a pleasant fragrance. It is exactly what I was looking for and I think that I will get a lot of use out of it. A lot of gourmand fragrances can be too overpowering for everyday or to use year round, but I think this one will work for any daytime occasion. I also think it will layer well with other fragrances since it is not too complex.

Have you tried anything from Comptoir Sud Pacifique? What did you think?

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