5 Fragrances I Loved in 2017

If you saw my last video on my YouTube channel, you will know that I shared my favorite beauty products from 2017. Every year, I like to share the standout products from the previous year. I think it helps to give you all an idea of what products I really fell in love with and formed a long term relationship with (as opposed to a fling). You may have noticed that I didn’t include any fragrances in that video and that was on purpose. There was no way that I could only pick 1 fragrance for the entire year!

Anybody who knows me knows that I love my perfumes! So in this post I will share with you my 5 favorite perfumes for 2017. These are listed in no particular order, as I love them all!

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc screams summer! It reminds me of coconuts, the ocean, and sunscreen, but in a very sophisticated way. I wore this one quite often during the summer months, but honestly it could be worn year round.

Tom Ford Black Orchid was my most used “date night” scent last year. Although I didn’t go on many dates (since I was pregnant and then had the baby), this was the one that I turned to a lot for nights out. It is a spicy oriental mixed with floral that is so unique. I’ve owned this one for years, but I rediscovered it for 2017. It is probably the sexiest scent that I own.

Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit was my most recent fragrance purchase, as I picked it up in November, but it made a real impression on me. I love the smell of ginger, and this fragrance nails it in a sweet cookie type of scent. It was perfect for the holidays, but I’m still wearing it now too.

Replica Lipstick On smells like sweet makeup! I know that doesn’t sound very appealing, but this is one that you just have to smell to get it. It is an amazing scent that is unlike any other fragrance that I have tried. The lasting time is not the best on this one, but the gorgeous scent definitely makes up for it!

Jimmy Choo Illicit is one of those fragrances that I have had in my collection for awhile, but never really talk about. It is quietly one of my most used fragrances because it is perfect for everyday. This one is a go-to whenever I don’t know what fragrance I feel like wearing. It is sweet, but sophisticated and soft enough that people won’t smell you before they see you! Don’t get me wrong though, this fragrance lasts all day, but people have to be relatively close to you to smell it.

What was your favorite fragrance for 2017? Did you love any of the ones that I mentioned?

4 thoughts on “5 Fragrances I Loved in 2017

  1. Hi Ayesha! I picked up Illicit as well. I also picked up Good Girl by Caroline Herrera. Not only do I love the scent…the bottle is a high heel shoe!

  2. I was going to try that black orchid because I read a comment that if you liked Thierry Mugler’s Angel you would like this fragrance.

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