Scentbird–A New Way to Try Perfume

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There is a new beauty subscription box available and this one is aimed at all my fellow perfume junkies! Scentbird is a subscription service in which you get a different perfume every month for $14.95. If you want to hear more about how it works and my thoughts on it, keep reading!

When I heard about Scentbird I was rather intrigued because I love perfume! My mantra when it comes to perfume is that variety is the spice of life! Unfortunately because perfumes cost so much, buying so many can become very expensive. That’s where Scentbird comes in. If you become a member, you get a month’s supply (8 ml) of a fragrance monthly for $14.95. This can be purchased month-to-month or in different subscription intervals. The first month comes with a spray atomizer that allows you to switch fragrances in and out with ease.


If you join, they will have you complete a short questionnaire to determine what types of fragrances you are drawn to. In addition, they ask for a few of your favorite fragrances to help them get a better idea of what you like. Based on the information provided, they will suggest different scents that you may want to try. You don’t have to pick out of the suggested scents, you can pick any scent that you want (that they offer). For mine, I decided to pick something they suggested, Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that I liked my choice, because it is not something that I have ever heard much about.

I think that Scentbird is a great option for those of you who like to try a variety of scents, but don’t want to shell out $60+ every time you want to try something different. Unfortunately, if you are like me and part of the allure is the pretty perfume bottles, this may not be what you are looking for. Overall, I really like the concept of Scentbird and I think it would be a nice subscription service to try!

What are your thoughts on Scentbird?


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  1. This sounds like a great idea! I love little bottles too and rollerballs I can just throw in my purse! This is an nexpensive way to try different perfumes! I too love the big beautiful perfume bottles! 😄 I have several! 😉😉😉 Thanks for this!

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