My Tray Obsession


Weird title right? I didn’t know how else to name it, but I am literally obsessed with trays! Since I moved into my new home, I’ve found them to be so useful to hold small items that can tend to look like clutter if they are spread about. For example, in the picture above, I have a few magazines and a candle that I like to burn on my coffee table. The pretty blue tray is from Bealls Outlet and it really brings a nice pop of color to my living room. If you would like to see the other trays I own and how I am using them, keep reading!

Tray purchased from Pier One

This pretty hammered silver tray sits on my desk and I use it for holding pens, notebooks, and my jewelry when I’m working at my computer.

Tray from TJ Maxx

This is my favorite tray! I just love the color and detailing, it’s so girly! This tray sits on my night stand in my bedroom and is mainly for my cell phone and hand cream. Every now and then, my wedding ring goes on it too.

Nicole Miller Plate from Homegoods
Nicole Miller Plate from Homegoods.

Although these are not technically trays, they still work. These pretty plates hold my hand soap, q-tips, and cotton pads on my bathroom vanity. They really  make the vanity look more put together.

Tray from Target

I even convinced my husband that he needed a tray on his vanity too. I think the stainless steel tray that I picked out for him goes perfectly, but is definitely more masculine. It really helps keep his shaving products organized and neat looking.

Tray from TJ Maxx

I scored this acrylic tray on clearance from TJ Maxx and thought it would be perfect for my perfumes. I love how sleek this looks sitting on my countertop in my closet. Of course this isn’t all of my perfumes, just the ones that I am wearing the most right now. The rest are hidden away in a basket and I will switch them out when I get the urge.

Tray from TJ Maxx

This acrylic tray is perfect in one of my bathrooms because it is sleek and not too feminine. I like that it is a little oversized, because guests can sit some of their personal items on it along with the soap and hand lotion.

Luxe Habitat Plate from TJ Maxx

Again, this is not a tray, but rather a plate. I really liked the shape of this plate so I am using it as a catchall for keys & sunglasses at our little landing area when we walk in.

Are you using any trays in your home? If not, I hope this post inspired you to!


7 thoughts on “My Tray Obsession

  1. Beautiful choices! Yes. I am tray obsessed AND monogram obsessed! Lol Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  2. I also love the look of trays. Such a simple decorative touch with a strong impact! I have one shaped like a leaf on our console table in the foyer. My fiancé and I love that warm tobacco pipe-scented candle! Great TJ Maxx find!

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