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Foreo Luna Mini in Purple

On the quest for perfect skin, a beauty addict is bound to try all sorts of creams, potions and other gadgets. The latest beauty gadget I’ve tried is the Foreo Luna Mini. This cute little tool is meant to help more thoroughly clean the skin to produce clearer and brighter skin. Not to mention, it comes in 5 happy colors. I’ve been using this for over 2 months so I think I’ve used it enough to give a fair review. For my thoughts, keep reading! If you have been a long time reader, I’m sure that you remember that I used to use the Clarisonic to cleanse my skin. I stopped using that when I started developing some skin issues (unrelated to the the Clarisonic) and never really got back into it. I just felt that it wasn’t the most hygienic thing because I was never sure that my brush head was completely clean. That is probably the main reason that I wanted to try the Luna.

Luna Mini next to my iPhone 5s for size comparison
Luna Mini next to my iPhone 5s for size comparison

The Foreo Luna comes in 2 sizes, the regular and mini. I opted for the mini because I have small hands and thought it would feel more comfortable. Also, the mini is cheaper than the regular sized one so that was a plus too. Similar to the Clarisonic, the Luna uses sonic pulses to deep cleanse the skin and unblock the pores. As you can see in the picture above, the Luna doesn’t have a brush head, but rather a silicone cleansing surface that can be easily cleaned. One side of the Luna Mini has larger silicone tips for deep pore cleansing, while the other side has smaller tips for more gentle and/or drier skin. The Luna Mini can be used twice a day, but I typically use it once daily. I’ve tried it different ways and the way that I’ve found that works best for me is to use it in the morning with a gentle cleanser. I use the larger side for my chin, nose, forehead and around my mouth. I use the smaller size tips for my cheeks and around my eyes where my skin is drier and more sensitive. When I use the Luna Mini around my eyes, I use the low intensity cleansing mode. I really like the Luna Mini for cleansing. After using the Luna Mini, my skin just feels really clean, but not tight. I also feel like whatever I apply after cleansing really soaks into my skin better. I only use the Luna Mini once daily because when I use it twice daily for a few days, my skin seems drier. After using this for over 2 months, my skin seems brighter and more radiant. Overall, I don’t think the Luna is a necessity, but I’m very happy with my purchase. Pros:

  • gets skin cleaner than washing with hands alone
  • allows for deeper penetration of skin care products
  • very hygienic cleansing surface
  • one charge of battery is good for 300 uses
  • small enough to travel with
  • no need to purchase extra brush heads like the Clarisonic
  • multiple cleansing modes and surfaces


  • price, $139

Overall Grade: A+ The Foreo Luna Mini does what it says it will do. It provides deep cleansing gentle enough to use daily, thereby giving clearer, brighter skin. ***UPDATE: I did a demo based on the comments on this post! Check it out HERE! Have you tried the Foreo Luna Mini? Is it worth the money to you? BlogSignature

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  1. Can you do a demo? I really dont see how you can clean your face that way. I mean like how to do you use the smaller parts on your cheeks?

  2. Yes, a product demo would be beneficial. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This looks interesting.

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