Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Collection


If you have been a long time subscriber to my blog, then I’m sure you know that I have a thing for the Color Tattoos. At one point I had pretty much all the colors they came out with. Since then I’ve slowed down on them, but whenever they have  a new collection, I at least check it out. Recently, they released the Dare to go Nude Collection for Spring 2014. I wasn’t too hyped about the collection because I thought it looked too similar to previous items that they released, but I was interested in a couple of items. I only picked up Caramel Cool Color Tattoo and Charming Cocoa Color Elixir. Keep reading for swatches and my thoughts!

L-R: Caramel Cool Color Tattoo, Charming Cocoa Color Elixir
L-R: Caramel Cool Color Tattoo, Charming Cocoa Color Elixir

So, like the other newer Color Tattoos, Caramel Cool is really smooth and creamy to the touch. I was drawn to this shade because it is a golden bronze that will go so well with other eyeshadows that I like to wear. Typically I use the Color Tattoos as eyeshadow bases, but they also can be used alone. The Color Elixers are highly pigmented glosses that feel excellent on the lips. The way they go on so creamy is what makes the Color Exixirs special. I’m very happy with Charming Cocoa. It is a deeper nude with just a touch of pink that goes well with my skin tone.

Did you try anything from the Dare to Go Nude Collection? What were your picks?


2 thoughts on “Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Collection

  1. i so wanted to love these colors; i really anticipated buying all of them, but they did absolutely nothing for me, except the black. the caramel cool looks nice on you, although you still can’t tell what color it is. i wish they had better neutrals for all complexions. oh well, maybe i’ll love the fall color collection.

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