Weekly Hit or Miss: Sephora Rouge Infusion

s1558758-main-LheroIn my last haul video (click HERE to see that post), one of the items I was excited to try was the new Sephora Rouge Infusion 10 Hour Lip Stain. I was really excited to try this product because Sephora makes one of my favorite lip stain formulas (reviewed HERE and swatched HERE) and I figured this would be just as good. According to Sephora, Rouge Infusion is supposed to provide lightweight but intense color payoff for up to 10 hours. Keep reading to see if Rouge Infusion lives up to its claims!

I love how this product looks when first applied. It provides glossy but intense color similar to the YSL Glossy Stains as you can see in the picture below. It also kind of feels like the YSL Glossy Stains upon application because it’s very lightweight and almost feels watery going on.

Sephora Rouge Infusion in 05 Fuchsia Concentrate
Sephora Rouge Infusion in 05 Fuchsia Concentrate

Unfortunately as this dries down, it turns into more of tint than a stain or a gloss. It almost gives you that look you get after eating a popsicle. I’m not really into lip products that look like that, but if you are, you may want to try this product.

The other issue at hand is the 10 hour wear claim, which is completely inaccurate in my opinion! I’ve tried this product 3+ times and each time it started to wear off as soon as I started eating or drinking. I’m not talking about eating heavy or greasy food, I mean eating something easy on the lips like crackers and drinking through a straw. It also wears off on me very unevenly.

So, unfortuantely, this product was a big Miss for me and I’m actually returning it.

Side Note: I used to not like returning products and ended up with a pile of products that I don’t use, but not anymore. If we don’t return stuff or provide “bad” reviews, the companies don’t think anything is wrong with their product. I think that this is a disservice to the companies and consumers so I will no longer hold my tongue when I think a product doesn’t perform up to standard. Hopefully that doesn’t offend anyone…

Have you tried the new Rouge Infusion Lip Stains yet? If so, did they work out better for you?


5 thoughts on “Weekly Hit or Miss: Sephora Rouge Infusion

  1. I return EVERYTHING that I don’t like! Nice review. I will skip those. Usually I cannot use their products anyway because I am allergic to the fragrance.

  2. I tried it in the coral shade and it barely looked like I had anything on. I tried it again with a lip primer and ended up with that gross line some lip products make on your lips. I was definitely more impressed with the swatch on my hand. I happily returned the product. Glad I’m not the only one.

  3. I used to not want to return things but then I realized that I was also wasting money. That money that I get back could help me find an even better product. I think you’re statement was very accurate and I am not offended at all.

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