Maybelline The Buffs Swatches & Review

maybelline-buffs-swatchMaybelline recently came out with a new collection of nude lipsticks called The Buffs. It contains 10 nude shades ranging from light to dark and everything in between. Keep reading to see swatches and my thoughts on the 6 shades I picked up.

I decided to pick up the 6 shades that looked best suited to my skin tone or similar. The ones that I didn’t get were the 3 lightest shades and the darkest shade.

These lipsticks are like other lipsticks I’ve tried in the Color Sensational range. They are very smooth, pretty pigmented, but not drying in the least. When it comes to nude shades, I prefer ones with a slight sheen rather than a matte finish. These definitely deliver the look that I like and a nice comfortable wear. Additionally, they don’t accentuate any dryness on my lips (which can be a major issue with some nude lippies). On me, these lipsticks wear for 3-4 hours and wear off evenly. I really don’t have any complaints on the formula.

Swatched Outside in Natural Daylight
Swatched Outside in Natural Daylight

Not to mention, they are gorgeous! I think Maybelline did an awesome job in making these nudes wearable for all skin tones. They also did a great job in varying the undertones so that the colors look different. If you would like to see how they look on my lips, check out my video below!

If you see these in store, please pick at least one up! Best of all, these are permanent additions to Maybelline’s range. I’m thoroughly impressed!

I think Stormy Sahara is my favorite right now. What’s your favorite?


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  1. I cant wait for these lipsticks to come to my Jamaica. I’m salivating at Maple Kiss, Touchable Taupe and Untainted Spice.

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