Weekly Hit or Miss: Maybelline Baby Skin

maybelline baby skinMaybelline’s newest product, Baby Skin, is all over the Beauty Blog/YouTube Beauty world. Everyone seems to be giving it rave reviews, but does it live up for the hype? Keep reading to find out!

Baby Skin is silicone based product that is supposed to be an “instant pore eraser”. It can be used alone or underneath foundation to help blur the appearance of pores. This is not meant to fill the pores, but to just lessen the look of them. I admit, when I purchased this product I was a little skeptical, but to my surprise I actually like it. I notice that when I apply it, it just makes my skin look smoother and a little more perfected. It is very similar in texture to the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel (my current foundation primer of choice), but I do think that Baby Skin makes my skin look better prior to foundation application. This can be applied all over the face or just in the area with pores. I typically apply it all over the face prior to makeup and it makes my foundation go on much smoother. Although this product does not claim to make makeup last longer, I think it does extend the wear of my foundation by a couple of hours (compared to foundation with no primer). Also, it is relatively affordable at only around $6.

Overall, this product is a hit for me!

Have you tried Baby Skin? Is it worth the hype to you?


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  1. Glad you did this post! Im purchasing makeup today and also wanted to look for a primer. Think I will try it! Thanks for the suggestion. Where did you purchase it?

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