Formula X for Sephora, The System, Review


In my last Nail of the Day post, I featured one of the new Formula X for Sephora nail polishes and I promised a review soon, so here it is. This review is not for a single nail color, but for the 4 step system that they sell as a package deal for $32. The 4 step system is comprised of a Nail Cleanser, Base Coat, Nail Color of your choice, and Top Coat. Sephora promises a flawless, long-lasting manicure if all 4 steps are taken. So is it all just a hoax? Keep reading to find out!

Nail Cleanser
Nail Cleanser

Step 1: Nail Cleanser

The Nail Cleanser is a thin liquid that once applied to your nails, dries very fast. It kind of reminds me of alcohol, but I’m sure that it is not because of the smell. It also doesn’t leave my nails dried out like alcohol does. This step ensures that your nail is as clean as possible so that the nail polish sticks to it better. Due to the consistency of the Nail Cleanser, it only takes me about a minute to do both hands.

Base Coat
Base Coat

Step 2: Base Coat

I really like this pink-tinted base coat. It applies very easily and dries quickly. Sometimes base coats can be too thick and goopy which makes it hard to apply color over. Also the light pink tint helps to perfect any discoloration of the nails so it can be worn alone.


Step 3: Nail Color of your Choice

The Formula X for Sephora line already has so many nail colors (including glitters and other transformers). I currently own 3 (Impeccable, Catalyst, and Evocative), but I will be investing in some more. Of the shades that I have tried, they pretty much all apply similarly. They are a little on the thick side, so they can be over applied if not careful. They tend to be pretty opaque on the first coat, but the color really shines after the second coat. I always apply 2 coats of the colors that I own. Even without applying the base coat, the finish is really shiny.

Top Coat
Top Coat

Step 4: Top Coat

The Top Coat included is a nice addition. It is not too thick or thin and it seems to perfect the color underneath. It also dries relatively fast even though it is not marketed as a fast dry top coat. It reminds me a lot of Seche Vite (my favorite top coat) because it dries super shiny and makes any mistakes in the color underneath even out. However, it is not as thick and it doesn’t dry as fast as Seche Vite.

So do I believe in The System??? YES! When I do all four steps, I get nails that look good and are chip-free for at least 6 days. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but for me it is. Typically my nail polish only lasts 1-2 days without chipping due to the nature of my job and my constant hand washing/hand sanitizing. I’ve seen some reviews that say that their manicure lasts over a week when using The System. Also, when my nails do start chipping with The System, it looks more like they are wearing off as opposed to big chips. I hope that makes sense, lol!

I have also tested The System with another brand of nail color and it lasted almost as long, but the shininess went away after about 4 days. Whereas when I use a Formula X Polish, the shininess lasts the entire length of the manicure. Also, I tested the Formula X nail colors without using the system (just using my normal base and top coat) and although they look just as good, I was only able to get a maximum of about 4 days of wear out of them.

Overall, I highly recommend The System if you like the look of gel nails, but not the damage that they can do. If purchased as a set, it is cheaper than buying the steps individually (they each range from $10-$13 individually). If you don’t want to go for The System just yet, try out one of their nail colors. They have some very pretty and unique colors in the line.

Final Grade: A+

Have you tried the new Formula X for Sephora nail polishes? Were you impressed?


8 thoughts on “Formula X for Sephora, The System, Review

  1. Okay this may sound so silly but I’m not a huge fan of the packaging its so boxy I love feminine looking products, but I’m so convinced by your post that this is a really nice kit, I love the idea of the nail cleanser I need to try that out! I can’t believe it actually last you 6 days I’m lucky if my nails stay chip-free for one entire day and OMG I just have to say I Love Love Love Seche Vite its the best! Thanks for this post!

  2. I went ahead and bought the system last week b/c I had a reward card for sephora. I’m currently on day 6 and my nails still look good! I have experienced a little bit of cracking on the tips of my right hand but i think it’s because I suck at polishing with my left hand lol. I do a lot of hand washing at work so my manicures never last. But this right here is a winner!

  3. I love this polish ! It’s now my favorite polish brand, and I’ve loved it since it launched in it’s original packaging earlier this year. I recently purchased the system to try and love it especially the top coat. I love Seche Vite too, but I think the Formula X has less chipping and doesn’t have the “shrinking” issue that Seche Vite can cause sometimes. I’m on day 5 right now with no chips, yaay

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