My New Vampy Lip Combo

bars-train-bleu-maybelline-vision-in-violetSo dark lips are the thing this fall/winter and pretty much every fall/winter! I decided to try to venture into some more vampy lip colors to keep up with this trend. Keep reading to see what combination I came up with!

During the Sephora VIB Sale, I decided to pick up another Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu. I had seen swatches of the color and knew that I loved the formula of these pencils so I gave it a shot at 20% off.

Nars Train Bleu applied lightly

In the pictrue above I applied Train Bleu pretty lightly, but the color can be built up and when it is, it is much darker.

Nars Train Bleu topped with Maybelline Vision in Violet
Nars Train Bleu topped with Maybelline Vision in Violet

To amp up the purple in this look, I applied the Maybelline Color Elixir in Vision in Violet (which is extremely pigmented) on top of Train Bleu. I’m very happy with the end look. Now I just have to work up the nerve to wear it outside of the house! 🙂

Are you into the vampy lip trend? If so, what’s your favorite lipstick and/or gloss for it?



12 thoughts on “My New Vampy Lip Combo

  1. I just bought this maybelline shade and I’m in love!! It’s like a liquid MAC Heroine. I lined it with Nightmoth. You should totally wear it out – it looks great. lol

  2. I’m loving the vampy lip trend I’ve been rocking the riri talk that talk lipstick an I regret not getting a backup I also love the deep vampy red lip as well the nars train bleu looks very pretty on you I have to add it to my vamp lippie collection =)

  3. Love the color on you…..I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to wear it out. I’m going to pick this color up and hope it looks like that on me!

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