Make Up Forever Face & Body First Impression


As some of you may know, Mac Face & Body Foundation is one of my favorite foundations (see HERE) for natural looking glow-y skin. I’ve heard that Make Up Forever’s version is similar, but better so I wanted to try it out. Watch my video below to see my initial thoughts on this foundation (in shade 12, caramel).

Have you tried either Make Up Forever or MAC Face & Body? Which one do you prefer?


4 thoughts on “Make Up Forever Face & Body First Impression

  1. Hi love i was wondering if you still use this foundation now. Since their discontinuing it now and replacing it with the water blend I really like this and none of the Sephoras near me carry this and I don’t want to travel far to buy one product I’ll happily take it off your hands if it’s currently being unused since we’re in the same shade.

    Sorry for the inconvience

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