How I Refresh My Wash & Go

Prior to doing my “big chop,” I thought that I would have to wash my hair everyday or every other day to maintain my wash & go hairstyle. Thanks to the natural hair ladies on YouTube (DenimPixie was my fave!) and some experimentation, I quickly learned that was absolutely false! I now tend to rock my wash & go for up to 7 days! Check out how I refresh my hair to keep it moisturized and fluffy!

How do you maintain your natural hair on an everyday basis?


3 thoughts on “How I Refresh My Wash & Go

  1. Great video! I was wondering about this recently, but hasn’t researched it. I’m almost fully natural, but still trying to figure out how to style my hair a few days after washing it so this was very helpful! Love your curls BTW 🙂

      1. I’m cutting a few inches off every 2-3 months, so I won’t be chopping it off per se, but by I’m thinking by next summer at the latest all of my relaxed hair will be gone. I didn’t realize how shiny and soft my natural hair is- had the perm wayyy to long! Anyway, really enjoying your posts- keep up the good work. They keep getting better and better!

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