NARS 2013 Spring Collection Review


So I know its not spring anymore, but I purchased a lot of items from the NARS Spring Collection. There are some items in the collection that I really wanted to review, but I wanted to use them for awhile before doing so. Thankfully, some of these items were made permanent and all the others are still available. Continue reading, if you would like to know my thoughts.

Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Powder


This new translucent powder comes in a loose version and a pressed version. I ended up getting both because I wanted the loose powder to set my makeup in the morning and the pressed one to keep in my makeup bag. These powders are supposed to reflect light and optically fade the appearance of wrinkles and pores on the skin. According to NARS, these powders are mineral powder that contain glycerin and vitamin E to help prevent dryness while still regulating shine.

Those are some heavy claims for a powder, but I actually agree! When I apply these powders, they do not make my makeup look dry or cake-like, but they manage to make my skin look better. As a woman with drier skin in some areas, most powders accentuate that dryness and make me look older. Although the name may sound like these powders have sparkles in them, they do not. I can’t tell if they help reflect light, but they definitely keep my skin looking radiant. If I had to choose one, I would choose the loose powder. The pressed is definitely more convenient, but because it is so finely milled, sometimes it feels like I’m applying nothing at all. It is completely different from any other powder I’ve tried. If you get a chance to stop by a NARS counter, definitely feel these powders!

Final Grade: A+

Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel

I decided to try this product because at the time I was on the search for the perfect under-eye concealer and had heard some good things about this one. Based on the packaging, this would seem like a liquid concealer, however it is more creamy than liquid. This texture helps it provide awesome coverage! Another plus is that on me, it does not crease. The only downside to this product is that it can be a little on the dry side. If you have a dry under-eye area and want to try this concealer, I suggest using a moist brush or sponge to apply it. Most times I dampen my brush before applying this concealer. Overall, I think it is a great concealer and I have been using it almost everyday since I purchased it.

Final Grade: A-

Single Eyeshadow in Persia



Persia is my first NARS eyeshadow and I thought long and hard before committing to purchasing it due to the pricetag of $24 each. In my opinion, that is waaaaay to much for an eyeshadow! I finally buckled because I could not find another eyeshadow like this one. This burnt orange is definitely a unique color that I use to warm up my crease, but it can also double as a blush. I probably will never purchase another single eyeshadow from NARS, but I am happy I got this one. It is smooth, buttery, very pigmented, and easy to blend which makes it a winner in my book.

Final Grade: A+

Satin Lip Pencils

Top-Bottom: Lodhi, Luxembourg, Yu
Top-Bottom: Lodhi, Luxembourg, Yu
L-R: Lodhi, Luxembourg, Yu
L-R: Lodhi, Luxembourg, Yu

I already did a blog post on the Satin Lip Pencils, but since then I have purchased one more shade, Luxembourg. For more information on the wear time, lip swatches, etc, check out that blog post HERE.

Final Grade: A-

As a whole, the Spring 2013 collection from NARS was a home run! I’m glad that I ventured out and tried some more of their products other than their blushes (which I already loved).

Have you tried any of the new products from NARS? Will you?


7 thoughts on “NARS 2013 Spring Collection Review

  1. Thanks for posting I’ve been needing to add a loose powder to my make up routine , this sounds promising.

  2. I love the orange color lip pencil. I’ve never tried a lip pencil before and you have just convinced me too. Think I may step outside the box a little. Thanks for the post. You’re doing a great job!

    1. Thanks lady! Jumbo lip pencils make application really easy and Nars makes the bests ones I’ve tried. Send me a pic (or post on Instagram) if you decide to get it.

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