It’s My Blog-a-versary!


As of today it has been 1 year that has been up and running. Thank you all so much for sticking by me! I plan on making this next year even better!

As promised, I answered the questions that you all wanted answered in the form of a video. Make sure to open this video up in YouTube and watch in HD. Check it out below!

Let me know in the comments section how I can make this blog better for you!


10 thoughts on “It’s My Blog-a-versary!

  1. I loved your YT video! The singing intro was awesome and funny! Im so excited for you! June is a BIG month for you! Congrats!!!!!! I always enjoy your videos and blog posts. Keep up the good job! Also your certainly a fashionista! Also those giveaway prizes are perfect! Your The Best!

  2. I love the Q&A video.. But on this video what eye shadow are you wearing? And what’s on your Lips? Can you do a video on this look. Congrats again on the 1yr anniversary

      1. Thanks so much for responding.. Going to see about getting that lip gloss and going to the store to check on that look kinda gold.. Congrats again and please keep the videos coming..👍

      2. Honey love is that a lipstick or gloss?? If its a lipstick what gloss is over it

  3. I’m just seeing this video, but Richelle is right, the singing in the beginning was a great touch! 🙂 happy belated blogaversary

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