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I’ve really been enjoying matte eyeshadows lately. Before a few months ago, I had hardly ever done a completely matte eyeshadow look, but lately I’ve been loving them for work. Urban Decay recently released the Naked Basics palette and although I love the idea of a mostly matte palette, I wasn’t too impressed with the range of shades. When I swatched it in the store, at least 2 of the shades looked very, very similar on my skin tone so I decided to pass on it. However, while I was researching the Naked Basics palette, I stumbled upon a review of the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Palette and I decided to give it a shot. Keep reading for my thoughts and swatches.

The Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral palette contains 12 eyeshadows with shades ranging from cream to black. All the shadows in this palette are matte, which is really rare. The palette also comes with 3 instructional cards, including one for a smokey eye. This palette can only be purchased at Target (or and it retails for $19.99.


This palette is packaged in a black plastic container with a see through lid. I like that you can see all of the shades without having to open it up. The plastic case is a little bit bulky due to the slide out instructional cards on the back. One thing I do not like about the packaging, is that the flip top is hard to open. It is one of those closures that will easily chip nail polish or a nail if I’m not careful.


All of the eyeshadows are well pigmented except #2 (unfortunately these shades have no names, only numbers). I think #2 is one of the worst eyeshadows I’ve ever tried. I tried at least 4 times, but I couldn’t get a swatch at all. This shade is not usable at all. It almost makes me wonder if I just got a bad palette. Other than that, all the other shades show up very well. I especially like #4 and #11. Like many matte shadows, these can be a little powdery, but nothing I would really complain about. They feel very smooth to the touch and upon application (except #2).

The lasting power of these shadows are on par with other matte shadows I’ve tried (Inglot, Urban Decay) at a much lower price point. By the end of my work day (8-9 hours) I do get some fading, but it is not very noticeable because the shades are so neutral.

Overall, I think that the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Palette is an awesome matte palette to have in my collection. It provides a wide variety of shades that are well-pigmented. I’m glad that I decided to get this instead of the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette because I just think it has more to offer. Also, the price point is great. $19.99 is a little expensive for Target, but that equals $1.67 per shadow. I don’t think there is a comparable palette in the same price range.

Final Grade: B (points off for the horrible quality of #2)

What company makes your favorite matte eyeshadows?


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