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Whenever I am looking for a new foundation, it is always hard for me to find people of my color and skin type online. Today’s post will be showing the foundations that I own so you can see how the shades compare side by side. Also, I’ll be doing a brief review of each one. Hopefully this post can help you if you are on the market for a new foundation. Keep reading to find out more!

The two most important things to think about when you are considering a foundation are:

  1. What is my skin like?
  2. What type of coverage/finish do I want?

I have combination skin which basically means that some areas of my face are on the oily side and some are on the drier side. My cheeks tend to be dry and my t-zone is a little oily. For me, the dryness is more bothersome, so I usually look for foundations that don’t accentuate any dry patches. My skin is not acne prone. I have larger pores on my cheeks. Usually I like light-medium coverage foundations that have a natural-dewy finish. I like my skin to show through my foundation and I never choose one that is ultra-matte. Now that you know about my skin, let’s get into each foundation that I own.


Loreal True Match Lumi (C6 Soft Sable)

I really like this foundation and wear it quite frequently. It is infused with Vitamin C & E to improve skin clarity and tone. This provides light/medium coverage that covers any redness and minor blemishes that I may have, but it still looks like my skin. It makes my skin look glow-y and healthy. This foundation lasts on me for about 9 hours, however, I start looking a little oily after about 4-5 hours of wear. I always set this foundation with a light powder (MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural). For a full review, click HERE.


Loreal True Match (N7 Classic Tan)

I like this foundation as well, but I just really got back into wearing it, now that my summer tan has faded. It is probably the lightest color foundation I own. If you are interested in a good drugstore foundation, this one would be a nice choice because they have a huge color selection and it will work for all skin types. This foundation is similar to the Lumi version as far as coverage goes, but it provides a less dewy finish. It still is not really matte, but more of a natural finish. On me, it wears about 9 hours and I need to blot after about 7-8 hours. This is definitely a better choice than the Lumi version, if you have oily skin. Also, it blends really easily, which would make it idea for foundation newbies. My only gripe with this foundation is the packaging, I hate pouring out foundations.


Revlon Photoready (010 Caramel)

I despise this foundation. My main reasoning for that is because it looks like it is sitting on top of my skin. It also accentuates my pores and peach fuzz all over my face. I have tried applying this different ways, but I always get the same result. According to Revlon, this foundation is supposed to provide full coverage and an airbrushed finish. In my opinion, the coverage is around medium. It probably can be built to full but I have never tried that. If you look very closely at this foundation, it has tiny sparkles in it. I never notice this on my face, but I do when I try it on my hand. It feels lightweight and blends easily. Also, it comes in a pump packaging which is nice. Just because this foundation doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. According to reviews I have read, some people love it while others hate it. Unfortunately, I’m on the “hate it” side.


Revlon Colorstay Whipped (340 Caramel)

This is not my very favorite foundation, but I do really like it. It gives medium-full coverage with a natural looking finish. It has a very interesting texture, kind of like whipped cream from a can. Although this foundation feels thick to the touch, when applied to the face, it doesn’t feel heavy. I usually apply this foundation with my fingers because it seems to spread better due to the warmth from my body. If you apply it with a brush, you will get a heavier/fuller application. On me, this foundation lasts 10+ hours and I don’t really have to blot. I don’t usually set this with a powder. The packaging looks nice and sleek, but it can be a little messy and probably not the most hygenic. My biggest gripe with this foundation is that I have the darkest shade available, and I am not the darkest girl. Big fail, Revlon!


Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX (D1 Dark)

This used to be my every day, most used foundation. It was the first liquid foundation I ever used. I used it exclusively for about 2 years and I was happy with it. The coverage is light, but can be built to medium and the finish is dewy. This foundation is also infused with vitamins to improve the tone and health of the skin. In fact, this is basically the same foundation as Loreal True Match Lumi, that’s why I don’t really use it anymore. Smashbox HD retails for about $40 whereas Loreal is about $12. I don’t mind paying extra for foundation, but I have not noticed any changes in my skin by switching to the Loreal for daily use. For more on performance, etc, see my Loreal True Match Lumi review :).


Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear (4.1)

This is my go-to foundation, when I want my makeup to last all day and look flawless. It provides medium coverage, but can be built to full. Best of all, it feels like nothing is my skin when I  wear this. The finish is natural (neither matte nor dewy). I easily wear this for 10+ hours usually without blotting. One thing you should be aware of is that because this foundation sets so quickly, you have to blend it out quickly. That may be an issue for some. For a full review, click HERE.


MAC Face and Body (N7)

This is my newest foundation, and it is wonderful! It provides sheer coverage, but can be built to medium at the most. It is a water-based water-proof foundation that feels weightless on the skin. It definitely leaves a dewy finish, so it might not be the best choice for people with oily skin. I always set this foundation with powder. This foundation reminds me of the True Match Lumi, but I think that it feels better on my skin and lasts longer. This usually lasts of 10+ hours on me. A lot of times when I wear this foundation, I get compliments on how great my skin looks, so that makes it a definite winner!

L-R: True Match Lumi (C6), True Match (N7), Colorstay Whipped (340), Photoready (010), Smashbox HD (D1), Smashbox Studio Skin (4.1), MAC F&B (N7)

Have you tried any of these foundations? What are your thoughts?



16 thoughts on “Foundation Overview & Comparison

  1. I have tried Loreal Tru Match and really like it. I hadn’t bought a drugstore foundation since I was in my teens but I really like this one. I am going to try Mac face and body really soon because I do hear a lot of good things about this foundation.

  2. Thank You so much for your reviews,very helpful.
    I took the first step getting fit for my skin type by a MAC artist which she recommended Mac Mineralized Skin Finish which I love it gives me Natural look nothing like a cake look. In case I want to try drugstore I will have done my homework thanks to you . I will let you know the outcome .

  3. OMG we must have VERY similar skin tones because a lot of those colors/foundations I’ve had haha! Have you ever tried Este Lauder? They recently came out with more tan and dark tones, I love the double wear line (in toasty toffee). I always have a number of different shades (usually revlon, cost effective) on hand to mix in because it seems like my skin is forever a different shade depending on the time of year, what a pain.

      1. I only had it on when I had applied bya makeup artist.I liked it but I’m waitingto get through my CG nautral Queen collection liquid foundation.I will let you know when I wear it on a regular basis

  4. my first drugstore foundations were the revlon photoready in ‘caramel’ and the l’oreal lumi foundation in ‘c6’. I was totally surprised, pleasantly. they’re great foundations for everyday use. the mac f&b is awesome as well, make up for ever’s f&b is even better tho! great review!

      1. it’s about the same as MAC, but, in my opinion, lasts longer and gives a more smoothe finish. It’s like a gel, as opposed to MAC’s being very liquid and runny. It’s buildable, however.

  5. I really love your reviews on these foundation. I am kind of similar shade as you, Mac NC45 and since i shop a lot online, it had been difficult getting somebody in my shade zone, so thank you very much. Have you tried any foundation from laura mercier?

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