Tip Tuesday #13: Balance Your Face

Sometimes when you are starting out experimenting with makeup, it can be quite confusing to know what colors should be paired together. For example, should you wear a pink blush with a red lip?

Keep reading for my tips on balancing your makeup!

Pick one focal point. If you are going for a dramatic eye, keep lips and cheeks relatively neutral so that the focus remains on the eye. If you are rocking a bold lip, neutral eyes will pair well.

Matchy-matchy isn’t always the right choice. Sometimes it can be tempting to wear the same color on the eyes, lips, and cheeks, but often this can come off very clownish and unnatural. Instead, maybe opt for complementary colors (e.g. red & green, orange & blue, purple & yellow). For example, one combo I wear quite often is a navy blue eyeliner and an orange toned lip and cheek.

Keep lips and cheeks in the same color family. This doesn’t mean that they need to be exactly the same shade. They just need to be close. For example, I may pair NARS Gina blush (a light tangerine shade) with MAC Morange lipstick (a bright orange). However, I wouldn’t pair MAC Morange with NARS Taj Mahal blush (bright, rust orange) because the two bright oranges would compete with each other and may look overdone.

Use shimmer in moderation. I love having some sort of shimmer on my face, but too much can make you look like a disco ball. For example, if I wear a glittery eye look. I will usually skip any shimmery blushes and opt for a subtle highlight.

Experiment at home before going out. Makeup should be fun and not overly thought out (unless you are a makeup artist). Play around with different color combinations at home so you can see how they look to you.

These are some basic guidelines that I follow, but makeup is a form of self-expression, so apply it how you like it best!



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  1. This was such a good topic, I think plenty of times people try and match the makeup exactly to their clothes and then all parts of the face to each other. But complimentary colors always to me enhance each other , so great advice , I use that concept with clothes now I’ll try it with make up!

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