Tip Tuesday #6: Layer for Longevity and Payoff!

Today’s Tip Tuesday may be old news for the ladies who are really into makeup. However, a lot of my friends read this blog and they are makeup newbies. This tip is mainly for beginners, because I’m sure all of my old pros already know this.

I’m sure that if your makeup has ever worn off quickly, it was very discouraging. Who wants to spend time doing something that will be gone after a couple of hours? One way to make your colored makeup last longer is by layering. What I mean by “colored” is lipsticks, blushes, and eyeshadows.

Keep reading to find out how!

In the case of eyeshadow and blush, applying a creamy product first will make your powder more vibrant and longer lasting. For example, if you use a blue eyeshadow base and apply a blue eyeshadow on top, that color will really pop and will not fade so quickly. The same goes for blush; apply a cream blush and top it off with a powder blush in a similar color.

Left: eyeshadow without a base, Right: eyeshadow with a base

For lipstick, applying a lip liner all over the lips before applying lipstick will make it last longer. Depending on the color of the liner, it can also change the shade of the lipstick or intensify it. Also when the lipstick wears off, you are usually still left with a stain from the lipliner.

If you haven’t yet, try these tips out and notice how much longer your color lasts!

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