Tip Tuesday #4: Preserve Your Perfume!

I know I have never talked about perfume on the blog, but I am a perfume junkie (not surprising, huh?)! I own an absurd amount of perfumes and I like to wear a different one almost every day. With that being said, I’m sure some of you are wondering how I keep my perfumes fresh. That brings me to today’s tip. Keep reading if you would like to see how you can preserve the longevity of your perfumes.

To keep perfumes smelling the same, they should be kept in a cool, dark, dry area. I know we ladies like displaying our perfumes because the bottles are so pretty, but when sunlight continuously hits the perfume, it causes it to go bad quickly. Heat and sunlight may darken the color of the perfume and change the scent. To prevent this, I keep my perfumes in a drawer in my dresser.

Most perfumes have a shelf life of about 36 months after they are opened.

Can you see the small 36 month expiration symbol?

Proper storage can extend that time period, whereas improper storage can shorten it.

How do you store your perfumes? Will you be changing that after reading this post?

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