Tip Tuesday #3: Water Works

Revlon Buttercup

Today’s Tip Tuesday focuses on how water works for nails! Water is a friend when you polish your nails. Keep reading to see how water can help your manicure!

Cold water: Dipping your mostly dry nails in cold water, can speed dry time. I often do this after I have applied my top coat and let it dry about 5 minutes. I do this when I think my nails feel dry to the touch, but they still feel like they might be able to smudge. The cold water basically helps bond the top layer of polish with the layers underneath. Whenever I do this, my nails never smudge (even after going to bed)!

Hot water: I am terrible at cleaning up around my nails with acetone after polishing them. I usually end up making them look worse because I will accidentally take the polish off of my nail. Lately what I have been doing is polishing my nails at night, then in the morning I run my hands under hot water and peel the extra polish off around the edges. The hot water helps to soften the polish on your skin, so by “peel,” I basically mean rub. It is very easy, and I get cleaner looking manicures.

Have you tried either of these tips? What are your secrets to a perfect polish?

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