Dupe Alert!

I get way too excited when I am able to dupe a more expensive product with a cheaper one. I decided I would start sharing these on the blog for the ladies who wouldn’t mind spending less money on a great product. The items I am discussing today are 2 eyeshadows. Keep reading for pictures and comparisons!

Smashbox Praline

The more expensive of the two, is Praline by Smashbox. This beautiful bronzed shade is in the Shades of Fame palette which retails for $48. As of right now, this shade is not available alone.

Love & Beauty Bronze

The cheaper product is by Love & Beauty and the color is Bronze. I saw this in Forever 21 and thought it was a pretty color. I decided to pick it up since it was only $2.80, but I wasn’t expecting much. However, when I got home and swatched it, I was pleasantly surprised. I knew it looked like something I already owned so I went on the hunt and realized that it is pretty much the same color as Praline.

L-R: Praline, Bronze (lightly swatched)
L-R: Praline, Bronze (heavily swatched)

In the pictures, Bronze looks slightly more coppery. In person, they look the same. In fact, Bronze is a little more pigmented than Praline.

Due to the cheap price, I didn’t think that Bronze would be long lasting, but it surprised me in that department as well. Bronze applied very smoothly (almost creamy) and evenly. The pigmentation was great and the color lasted all day on my lids (with primer underneath). I have worn this shade about 3 times now and it is just as long lasting as Praline.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. Even though I basically already had the same shade in my collection, I feel more free to use this one because it is so cheap. Also, Bronze would be a great option for anyone who loves this color, but doesn’t want to spend $48 on the entire palette (I got my palette on sale for $30 when they discontinued it from Sephora). The only downside that I have discovered about this product is that the packaging is hard to open which is irritating.

Have you tried any Love & Beauty Products? What are your thoughts on them?

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