Tip Tuesday #1: Tips for Transitioners

Welcome to my new series! Starting today, I will be posting some type of hair, makeup, skin care, or overall beauty tip every Tuesday. This series will consist of tips I have learned over the years from my own experience.

For the first installation in this series, I wanted to tackle some tips for my transitioners. By the term “transitioner,” I mean the ladies who are growing out their relaxer and transitioning to natural hair. The picture shown above was taken approximately a month before I cut my relaxed ends completely off. I know from personal experience, that it can be difficult to mix the 2 textures of hair, which can lead to frustration and/or rash decisions (ie. go back to the relaxer, or chop it off). Hopefully the tips listed below can be of some help to you in dealing with your transitioning hair.

1. Keep hair moisturized!

When I was relaxed, I pretty much never moisturized my own hair. I did use oil sheens and shine serums, but those don’t add moisture to the hair. If you are wearing your hair straight while tranisitioning, you may not be able to use moisturizers on your dry hair, because they will cause your hair to revert to it’s natural state. However, you can deep condition every time you wash your hair which will help to keep your hair soft. Moisturized hair is less likely to break because it is more pliable.

2. Try not to use too much heat on your hair.

Let’s face it, heat is damaging to the hair. Heat can be damaging for relaxed, natural, or transitioning hair when used in excess. Not using heat on your hair can be especially challenging while transitioning, because more than likely, you will try to match your 2 textures by using some sort of heat (roller sets, flat irons, blow driers, etc.). A good idea may be to only limit your heat usage to once weekly. Another option, may be to let only a professional (that you trust) heat style your hair.

3. Get your ends trimmed regularly by a professional.

I know I may catch some heat for this one, but I do not believe that anyone should ever cut their own hair. In my opinion, that is a recipe for disaster. Getting your ends trimmed regularly will not only keep your hair looking healthier, but it may also prepare you for your big (or not so big) chop. Personally, I think it is easier to cut off 1 inch of relaxed hair, than it is to cut off 10!

4. Do what works for you!

I think that it is popular opinion that you have to wear your hair in “styles” while you are transitioning so that you can match your 2 textures. While I do agree that styles such as twist outs, braids, and the likes are an option, I don’t think that is the only option. I’m often asked how I transitioned and my answer is that I wore my hair straight. I went to the salon every week and got a roller set and blow out. Keep in mind, that I trusted my stylist and I was going to her before I even started to transition. She knew that I was growing my relaxer out and she gave me pointers and tips along the way. When I finally cut my relaxed hair off, I didn’t notice any heat damage and my curls were intact. I’m definitely not saying this is the way for everyone, but I think that each person should do what they feel comfortable doing. So if you want to wear a weave, wear one! If you want to braid it up, braid it! Just do what works for you and try your best to take care of your own hair (especially the new growth) in the process.

5. Keep your endpoint in mind.

While you are transitioning, try to keep your eyes on the prize. Keep in mind the reason you decided to go natural and look back on that if you are feeling frustrated.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share for transitioners? How do you (did you) maintain your 2 textures?

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