Nail of the Day: Butter London Cheeky Chops

With all the rain we have been having in my area, I wanted my own little touch of sunshine. My sunshine came in the form of a nail polish, Cheeky Chops by Butter London. In the bottle, this looks like the perfect bright yellow. Unfortunately, this polish did not live up to my expectations.

Initially this polish applied very streaky, which led me to leaving more polish on my brush to get a more even coat. Of course, leaving more polish on my brush led to very messy application. In fact, my application was so bad, that even after cleaning up my cuticles, I wasn’t comfortable with the outcome. For $14 a pop, I expect excellent application. Mind you, I didn’t pay for this, I received it as a free gift with purchase, but I still had high hopes for it.

Also, I found that this particular shade seemed to chip very easily (chipped the same day) and because it is such a bright color, the chips were very noticable. With the very bright color, any mistake or chip is amplified. I’ll probably use this again because I did really like the color, but I’ll use it on my toes instead.

I’m not giving up on Butter London, because I love their base and top coats and I have 2 additional colors that were apart of the free gifts. Hopefully, they perform better than this one!

Have you tried Cheeky Chops? Were your experiences similar? Any suggestions on a great yellow nail polish?

5 thoughts on “Nail of the Day: Butter London Cheeky Chops

  1. *sign* Butter London: I love the colors, the fact that it’s 3-free, and I admit, the packaging did influence me a little; however, it was chip city on me in 2 days! I really expected more, especially since some people say it’s the longest lasting nail lacquer. Has your opinion of the polishes changed since you tried this one? Also, have you tried BL’s lip glosses? Thanks!

    1. No, I still think they are overpriced and chip really easily. The metallic shades last a little longer. As for the lip glosses, I have not tried them yet. I’m not really interested in them unless I get one as a free gift or something. 🙂

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