Staple Hair Product Review Series: Tresemme Naturals Conditioner

Next up is my rinse out conditioner, Tresemme Naturals. This conditioner comes in 2 formulations; Nourishing Moisture conditioner, and Radiant Volume conditioner. I use both and I don’t notice any difference between them. This conditioner retails for around $5 for 25 fl ounces. It can be purchased in drugstores and discount stores (Target, Walmart).

Key Ingredients: aloe vera juice, avocado

Product Texture/Consistency: creamy, but on the thinner side

Product Claims: to protect hair from damage and make hair up to “10 times stronger”

How the Product Measures up to the Claims: I’m not sure that this conditioner has made my hair stronger, however, I don’t think it has damaged it either. I think I have less breakage in the shower when I use this conditioner because it allows me to easily rake my fingers through my hair.

How I Use This Product: I apply this to soaking wet hair after shampooing. I usually let this sit for a few minutes under a shower cap, then I use a comb to detangle my hair with this conditioner still in. After detangling, I rinse the conditioner out.

Overall Thoughts


  • easily accessible
  • very inexpensive
  • creamy consistency
  • has a slippery element to it which allows it to be easily spread through the hair
  • silicone-free


  • I haven’t found any yet!

Have you tried this conditioner? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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