Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation Review

Let me start this out by saying that I am not usually into drugstore foundations. I usually use higher end foundations because I don’t mind paying more for what I put on my face. Secondly, I don’t like not being able to try on foundation before buying it. Thirdly, I have trouble finding darker shades at the drugstore. All that changed when I saw this foundation!

So far, everywhere that I have seen this foundation, it has been in a display with samples to test every color. The color range is fairly nice, although I still think they need more in-between shades for us women of color. Thankfully, I was able to find my perfect color, C6 Soft Sable, with ease. I was drawn to this foundation, because of the big display and the fact that I tend to like more dewy finishes.

On Loreal’s website, they claim that the True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup (extremely long name…ugh!) improves skin clarity and tone by combining vitamins C and E. In studies 80% of women saw visibly improved skin in 1 week. Loreal also claims that the foundation provides “lightweight, buildable coverage that lasts up to 8 hours.” For the most part I agree with the claims.

When I apply this foundation it spreads well and blends very well. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any foundation which is a must for me. It goes on as light coverage, however I was able to build it up to a medium coverage.

With a tiny amount of foundation only (no concealer, powder, etc.)

On me this foundation lasted my entire work day which is about 9 hours. I did get somewhat oily in my t-zone, but nothing that a little blotting didn’t fix. One downside of this foundation is that it will transfer. I didn’t find that it transferred to other people, but if I put my hand on my face (bad habit) and then touched a piece of white paper, a small amount of foundation would get on the paper.

As far as the claims of visiblie improvement of the skin, I can’t say that I agree. For the past couple of years I have been using Smashbox HD Healthy Fx foundation which contains vitamin C as well, and I can say that I have not seen my skin look worse. I don’t think that 1 week with the Loreal foundation is enough for me to vouch for skin improvement. However, that does not matter to me because I use actual skincare products to make my skin look better as opposed to relying on a foundation.

Overall, I think this is an amazing find at the drugstore. This can be purchased anywhere Loreal cosmetics is sold and it ranges from about $11.99-13.99. I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes dewy finishes for foundations. However, if you have oily skin, this may be a little too dewy for you.


-healthy looking skin after application

-contains vitamin C and E

-blends easily

-wide range of shades

-bottle has an easy to use pump

-decent wear time



-not best for oily skin

Final Grade: A

So are you interested in giving this foundation a try? If so, let me know what you think of it!

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